Indonesian lessons.

1 Bennett and Pearce/Van Tatenhove have begun to learn some Indonesian words, with the help of the talented Mr Robinson. (Our student teacher)

We have looked at greetings and are now learning colour names. Try and practise them at home!

red – mira

blue – biru

green – hijau

yellow – kuning

brown – coklat (in Indonesian, the letter c is pronounced ch)

orange – jingga

black – hitam


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  1. That sounds pretty cool. All or you hrade 1’s are getting ready to have LOTE in grade five. Keep on practiceing and soon you guys will be super stars. 🙂

    • Sorry there were a couple of mistakes because I’m typing on my tablet and my thoms are getting in the way. There are two mistakes and they are hrade and that is meant to be grade, the next one is or and is meant to be of.

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