Grade One Old Gippsland Heritage Park Excursion

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On Wednesday the 5th and Thursday the 6th of August the grade one classes braved the elements to experience what life was like in the 1900s. At Old Gippsland Heritage Park in Moe, students got to experience what school was like for children of that era as well as the games they liked to play. They also saw a Blacksmith at work and were delighted to bring back a musical triangle for their classroom. Some other highlights included seeing the police station and lock up, the general store and goods that were for sale and the fire station and fire engine. Students then reflected on how these things were similar and different to their lives. A special thank you to Ms Llewellyn, Mrs Milano, Mrs Wilkins and Mrs Drummond for attending the excursion and sharing this experience with us. All students had a fantastic time and were very well behaved.



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